The Humor of Christ by Elton Trueblood; 1964; 125 pages; Harper & Row Publishers, New York, NY; checked out from Mesa Community College, Mesa, AZ through the Interlibrary Loan Program; 7/25/19-7/29/18

Why did I read this?  Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Marriage, mentions it in the book and I decided I wanted to read it.

We have taken the Bible which has many joyous and humorous passages and made it into a somber and dry recitation of what happened in the past.  We have come to revere the Bible so much that we often seem to miss many of the sutilities that are in the Word.  Trueblood points out that some of the parables and some of Jesus interactions with others are humorous when viewed through the lens of the time they happened.

8/10, because of the heavily academic nature of the narrative.

What is with the title of the review?  Some time we attach too much gravity and not enough jocularity to the ancient manuscripts that make up the Word of God.