It has been a weekend of extremes. A wedding and a memorial service in the same day. Friday, I worked from 6:30 AM to 11:30 AM, then drove up to Mt. Hood and dropped off a group of high school guys for a backpack trip (3 hour trip), then went to a wedding rehearsal. After the rehearsl I got to talk to my best bud Scott for about an hour on the phone, I always feel blessed after taking to him. Saturday I went to the wedding of Mr and Mrs Paul Somers, the bride was a friend that we have known most of her life. It was a wonderful service. Then I went to the reception and told Ruth Ann that I was going to the memorial service for the father of some old friends of ours. I went out to Gresham and talked to Mag at the memorial service for his father.
I was struck by how as we celebrate the start of a new life together, we also mourn the loss of another. We know that we will see Ray again in heaven, but there is still a hole in our life that can’t be healed while we are still here on earth.
It was fun at the wedding to work alongside Mark MacLurg in the sound booth. Mark’s parents Allan and Cindy MacLurg had led the college group at our old church, when I was in it years ago. Marc was born while they were the leaders. Cindy told me they had pictures of me holding Mark. Life goes on.
It was good to see so many old friends at both the wedding and the memorial service and deliver salutations in all directions. On the phone Scott and Kelly told me to say hi to Mag and Lynn. Then at the wedding Allan and Cindy told me to say hi to Mag and Lynn and Scott and Kelly. Then at the memorial service Mag and Lynn and Mike and Leah told me to say hi to Allan and Cindy and Scott and Kelly. So consider this the hello to everyone.