Unoffendable, How Just One Change Can Make All of Life Better by Brant Hansen; 2015; $15.99; 201 pages; W Publishing Company, Nashville, TN; 978-0-5291-2385-5; purchased to read with Fellowship Group from Shepherd’s Gate Church; 1/15/18-8/23/18

Why did I read this?  Our fellowship group at church is reading this together and discussing it.  We have been meeting and discussing two chapters twice a month.  We took the summer off and I decided to just finish it and I will go back and reread the chapters as they come up.

Brant Hansen posits that we have no right to get angry.  This is directed at those who say they follow Christ, but is a wise choice.  What if we didn’t get offended, what if we simply loved everyone.  Brant makes the argument much better that I can even begin to.  He also makes more sense than I just did.  This book holds the possibility of being life changing.

10/10, written in a witty conversational style that makes a great deal of sense.