sniperAmerican Sniper, The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History by Navy SEAL Chris Kyle with Scott McEwen and Jim DeFelice; 2012; $9.99; 430 pages; purchased from; 4/16/15-4/17/15

The memoirs of the United States most prolific sniper in military history.  At points, as all military service seems to be, devastating, deplorable and humorous.   Chris Kyle had his priorities which seem out of kilter to me and to a few others in his life and those priorities are what drove him.  I do not think he set out to set any kind of record. I do not think that he took pleasure in killing others, he did what he thought was necessary to protect his brothers in arms. I do think that he put in himself in harms way without considering the consequences for his family in the United States.  His priorities were God, Country and Family in that order, which to me is out of whack, I believe more in God, Family (blood and otherwise) and somewhere behind those two would be country.  I think that Chris believed more in the God of the Old Testament who sanctioned genocide and destruction to protect his people than the merciful God of the New Testament.


Did I enjoy it?  No but that is a good thing.  I have always said that any good war story is an anti war story.  Any story that exposes those of us who have not experienced the horrors of war to them is a good story.  Perhaps it will convince us to the wastefulness of war.

What is with the title of the review?  If Peter Gould had not recommended this I would have not gotten past the second page.  Chris Kyles’ portrayal of all Iraqis as savages, was to me, too stereotypical.  Just remember one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.