Lunatic by Ted Dekker and Kaci Hill;2009; 304 pages; Thomas Nelson, Nashville, TN; 978-1-59554-373-8; 2/28-3/2

Elyon by Ted Dekker and Kaci Hill; 2009; 287 pages; Thomas Nelson, Nashivlle, TN; 978-1-59554-374-5; 3/2-3/3

Green, The Circle, Book Zero, The Beginning and the End by Ted Dekker; 2009; 392 pages; Thomas Nelson, Nashville, TN; 3/3-3/5

Lunatic and Elyon are the final two books of The Lost Books series, they return Darsal, Johnsis and Silive from our world to the world of the Horde and the Forest Guard.  Things have changed while they were seeking the lost books in our world, the Horde are in charge, there is a group of half breeds and Thomas Hunter and the members of the circle seem to have disppeared.  Their mission seems to have changed and each of them is asked to do somethng that goes against their nature.  The story leads right into Green, which is billed as a sequel and a prequel to the Circle Trilogy, Black, Red, White. Thomas Hunter goes back and forth between worlds, trying to make things right and serving Elyon.  Thomas works with the Horde and the Eramites while trying to save two worlds.  Amazingly enough Green does work as an exciting story and a sequel and prequel to the trilogy.  Lunatic and Elyon-Grade B, Grade-A