Bigger Than The Game, Restitching a Major League Life  by Dirk Hayhurst; 2014; $14.95; 305 pages; Citadel Press, New York, NY; 978-0-8065-3487-9; purchased from; 4/26/14-4/30/14

Dirk Hayhurst is a former baseball player that I met back in 2008.  It was interesting talking with him as we usually didn’t talk to him about baseball, but about books.  I actually once got embarrassed about what Dirk would think of me because I brought a friend to a game with me and all he wanted to talk to Dirk about was baseball.  I began this book going what, what are you talking about.  Dirk is battling depression and injury but in such a macho environment as professional sport, he is reluctant to reveal the fact to anyone.  When finally he reaches rock bottom and reaches out he finds that there are people are ready to help him to return to where he was before.  As he battles his way back from injury he comes to realize many things about himself.  This is a battle that many of us have fought our way through in a much less hostile enviroment.


Why did I pick this up?  I met Dirk back in 2008 and was impressed with him and his intellect.  I began to read some pieces he wrote and have read his previous two books and enjoyed them.

What is with the title of the review?  Dirk is very honest with how he feels through his battle with injury and depression, he is more honest than most of us are with our selves.