The Wax Bullet War, Chronicles of a Soldier & Artist by Sean Davis; 2014; $16.95; 287 pages; Ooligan Press, Portland, OR; 978-1-932010-70-1; checked out from Multnomah County Libary, Woodstock; 9/17/16-9/27/16

Why did I read this?  I saw that Marilyn Weisenburg had picked it up and that the author was in the same company as her son David in Iraq.

Sean Davis had been in the Army but had gotten out and then on September 12, 2001 he reenlisted in the National Guard. 3 years later he along with his company of National Guardsmen from Oregon he found himself in combat in Iraq.  This is his  memories of that time up until he was seriously injured by an IED while on patrol.  The rest of the book is his story of recovery, physically, which seems to have been the easiest part.  The difficult part was dealing with the death of his friend in the same incident.  Sean tried to  bury his feelings in alcohol and drugs, until he reached a point where he couldn’t go any lower.  He is an artist and finally returning to his art helped pull him out of his downward spiral.  This is the story of a man who fought for his buddies and friends and was not prepared to deal with the aftermath.  His Army and his country didn’t seem to do much for him after his experience in combat.

Grade A, a clear and gripping view inside the mind of a combat veteran.