Yseult, A Tale of Love in the Age of King Arthur, Book One of The Pendragon Chronicles by Ruth Nestvold; 2013; $16.81; 542 pages; Red Dragon Books, San Bernadino, CA; Purchased from Amazon.com; 2/8/15-2/12/15

A warrior is killed in a fair fight but severely wounds his killer.  The wounded man is put in a boat to go to a warring tribe and their well known healer.  When he is picked up he gives a false name and is nursed back to health by the queen, the healer. He falls in love with the princess who has been betrothed to his father and the drama begins.  It is a big book but an engrossing tale.  Their are so many types of conflict going on here, royal intrigue, religious conflict, societal conflict, familial conflict and warring tribes and countries.


Did I enjoy it?  I don’t read too much Arthurian legends but I may now.  I have ordered the second volume already.  It has all kinds of intrigue and mystery in it.  I was drawn in and kept in the story.

Why did I pick this up?  I have been trying to read books that are written by people that I know.  Ruth Nestvold and I went to South Eugene High School together.

What is with the title of the review?  There are several families feuding throughout the book and it goes back and forth throughout the story.