idol timeIdol Time, Profile in Blazermania by Larry Colton with letters from Tom Meschery; 1978; $1.50; 347 pages; Timber Press, Forest Grove, OR; purchased at Multnomah County Library Title Wave Used Bookstore; 3/12/15-3/16/15

Larry has said he is glad that this book is out of print.  He wrote it chapter by chapter, sending each chapter to the publisher without rewriting.  It is the first book that he wrote and he discovered that rewriting is crucial to the process of writing a good book.  Larry’s following books are gems that have emerged from the chrysalis of this book.   He traces the Blazers from the time they won their lone championship through their off-season and into the next season.  He interviews all of the members of the championship team and many of the fans that were affected with Blazermania.  The most compelling story is that of an inmate at the Oregon State Correctional Institution who was able to connect with his children through the Blazers.  Many of the stories seemed forced and contrived.


Did I enjoy it?  Only because I knew the author and the background of the story.  Much of the language used seemed dated, some of the language seemed like that used by a gumshoe in a Raymond Chandler novel.

What is with the title of the review?  This is the first book that Larry Colton wrote, but it is the latest  one that I have read of his.  His other books are awesome.