The Diamond Heart Mystery, A Josie and Monica Adventure by Emily King; 2016; 978-1-547-150342; picked at the Authors Memorial Service; 8/11/17-8/15/17

Why did I read this?  I always enjoy reading books by people I know.  Emily and her husband, attended the same church Ruthann and I did and do.  We were in a small group with them at the end.

I think if this were to be slotted into a genre at the library it would be Young Adult fiction.  The story of two cousins in Atlantic City during the fifties as burglaries occur around them and their attempts to uncover who is the burglar.  A slice of life in the fifties in Atlantic City, as two cousins have all sorts of adventures with the burglaries as a backdrop.  The fun part was their lives as they spent each day, I figured out the mystery fairly easily.  All in all a good read and Emily will be missed.