The Barbizon Diaries, An Advance Course in Surviving The Refiner’s Fire, A Meditation on Will, Purpose and the Value of Stories by James A. Owen; 2014; $22.00; 134 pages; Coppervale Press, Taylor, AZ; backed on Kickstarter; 1/4/17-1/9/17

Why did I read this?  Because I backed this on Kickstarter, and because James A. Owen is a great motivator.

The author uses his own story to make his points, a story that many people would be too embarrassed to share.  This is a meditation on authority and authenticity and how we surrender too much of our personal authority to other people in our lives.  We let others write our story for us and don’t realize how much we give up to others.  This is the companion book to Drawing out the Dragons and The Grand Design.  It is a book that I will be revisiting.

Grade A