Sacred Marriage

Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas; 2000; Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI; 274 pages; 24804 T456sm/0-310-22796-8; 6/14-6/22

I once heard a comedian say that a man had to hear or read something 3 times before it stuck in his mind. This is the third time that I have read Sacred Marriage, once in July 2001 and August 2004. Things are definitely starting to stick to me. Hopefully Ruth Ann will be able to tell soon. Gary Thomas admits that there isn’t a whole lot new here.

My mission has been and continues to be, to integrate Scripture, church history, and the Christian classics, and then to apply that wisdom to today. I am not as interested in breaking new ground as I am in recapturing the contemporary relevance of old ground that has been forgotten.

For not breaking new ground there is a lot of wisdom here. My relationships will be good or bad depending on my relationship with God. I need to treat my wife as the daughter of God that she is and view every interaction as an spiritual interaction. I need to not compartmentalize my life, every part of my life is spiritual. I am looking forward to reading this again, because now things are really beginning to stick. I will buy this for newlyweds and give it to them as a valuable wedding present. I would strongly urge everyone who doesn’t have a perfect marriage to read this, guys read it repeatedly so it will stick. RRRR

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