Where’s Your Jesus Now?~Examining How Fear Erodes Our Faith by Karen Spears Zacharias; 2008; $18.99; 218 pages; Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI; 978-0-310-28386-7; purchased from Amazon.com; 12/26//14-12/30/14

I don’t know what to day about this book except that I was terribly moved and cried at least twice.  I will be reading this again.  Karen makes so many points that many of us have missed for years that occasionally it felt like I was being slapped, but Thanks I needed that.  She speaks of the church of certainosity where people would rather be right than redeemed.  She writes in such a way that it is humorous to see where my foibles are.  Thank you Karen for pointing things out to me.


Did I learn something?  Yes and I will continue to as I read this every year.

What is with the title of the review?  There were times while I was reading this that I felt like I had been slapped but it was done with love to snap me out of my doldrums and wrong thinking.  I need to have things pointed out to me often, I don’t do well with hints, just ask my wife.