Enduring Courage by John F. Ross

Enduring Courage, Ace Pilot Eddie Rickenbacker and the Dawn of the Age of Speed by John F. Ross; 2014; $27.99; 375 pages; St. Martin’s Press, New York, NY; 978-1-250-03377-2; purchased from Multnomah County Library, Title Wave Used Bookstore; 9/2/17-9/7/17

Why did I read this?  Because Eddie Rickenbacker was one of my first heroes growing up and I think was the first autobiography I ever read.

This is sort of a semi biography covering three main times in Mr. Rickenbacker.  First is Eddie’s interest in cars and his career as a race car driver, then his time in World War I as a pilot and the Ace of Aces and thirdly the time he was on a secret mission for the President and his plane crash landed in the Pacific and he was adrift in a raft for 24 days before being rescued.  The times between these events is covered lightly as is his early childhood and later life.  By focusing on these three time periods I found out more about Eddie than I had previously known.

Grade A

Tears We Cannot Stop by Michael Eric Dyson

Tears We Cannot Stop, A Sermon to White America by Michael Eric Dyson; 2017; $24.99; 228 pages; St. Martin’s Press, New York, NY; 978-1-250-13599-5; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Hillsdale; 5/30/17-6/6/17

Why did I read this? I found a Black Lives Matters reading list and since I am trying to learn more than what I was taught in a curriculum that left much out.

Michael Eric Dyson, a Baptist Minister, preaches a brilliant sermon about the plight of African Americans in the United States which includes a history lesson on the many different ways that the African Americans have been oppressed.  There have been obvious ways like slavery, and Jim Crow laws and then systemic racism.  The systemic racism has started at all levels of government and trickled down to the people in the communities.  It has traveled up and down the highways and byways of America and has become so prevalent that many people expect it to happen and refuse to do anything about it.

Grade A

The Adventures of John Carson in Several Quarters of the World by Brian Doyle

The Adventures of John Carson in Several Quarters of the World, a novel of Robert Louis Stevenson by Brian Doyle; 2017; $25.99; 229 pages; St. Martins’ Press, New York, NY; 978-1-250-10052-8; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Fairview; 5/21/17-5/30/17

Why did I read this?  I have wanted to read anything by Brian Doyle, people kept telling me how good an author he was.  I had met Mr. Doyle on a few occasions at Wordstock.  I especially wanted to read this because he was writing as Robert Louis Stevenson.

Robert Louis Stevenson is living in a boarding house in San Francisco owned by Mrs. Carson, and populated by an interesting cast of characters.   As he sits by the fire listening to Mr. John Carson tell stories of his life he seems to absorbing ideas for some of his future stories.  Mr. Carson tells several stories that seem not to have anything to do with one another but end up being one big story.  It is a really interesting, well written story that has compelled me to seek out more stories by Brian Doyle.  Unfortunately Brian Doyle passed away as I was reading this.