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Murder in Linn County Oregon by Cory Frye

Murder in Linn County Oregon by Cory Frye; $21.99; 2016; 143 pages; The History Press, Charleston, S.C.; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Central; 4/3/17-4/5/17 Why did I read this? Because it looked interesting. In early 1922 there were several murders in Linn County, Oregon.  There was a case of murder between two  men who were supposedly picking […]

Cryptography is not that easy

My Brother’s Crown by Leslie Gould and Mindy Starns Clark; 2015; $14.99; 358 pages; Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon; 978-0-7369-6288-9; sent from the publisher asking for review; 9/14/15-9/16/15 Much like one of my favorite authors, James Rollins, this story takes place in too different time periods.  One story line takes place in the time of kings […]

The Gall of some people

Plague of Justice by Stan Turel; 2008; $19.95; 383 pages; Dancing Moon Press, Newport, OR; 978-1-892076-56-4;  purchased from Multnomah County Library Title Wave Used Bookstore; 4/17/15-4/22/15 Why did I read this?  The author, Stan Turel, was our landlord for a couple of years.  We rented a house from him on the west side of Rocky Butte. […]

Read this in the middle of the day.

A Silence of Mockingbirds, A Memoir of Murder by Karen Spears Zacharias; 2012;$25.00; 322 pages; Macadam Cage, San Francisco, CA; 978-1-59692-375-1; 364.1523092 Z16s; Checked out from Multnomah County Library, Troutdale; 1/20/15-1/23/15 Back in October of 1984, 5 months before I got married, 17 months before Daniel was born I read a book that kept me up all […]

An old recipe makes something new

LOCK IN by John Scalzi; 2014; $24.99;336 pages;  A Tom Doherty Associates Book, New York, NY; 978-0-7653-7586-5; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Hollywood; 12/20/14-12/23/14 Many people around the world are locked in their bodies due to a disease called Hadens.  They are not comatose but there minds are still active, technology has been developed that allows […]

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