Last Chance by Gregg Hurwitz

Last Chance by Gregg Hurwitz; 2017; $23.98; 379 pages; Tor Teen, New York, NY; 978-0-7653-8269-6; purchased from Ebay; 8/26/17-8/30/17

Why did I read this?  Because I really like Gregg Hurwitz as an author and I read the first book in the series.

Chance, Patrick and Alex are back to fight the aliens that are in the processing of harvesting all the humans on earth and repopulating the planet with themselves.   Not only to they have to fight the aliens but they have dissenters with in their own group who want to openly challenge them and the one remaining adult. Chance and Patrick have a secret that only they and Alex know.  Some of the littlest kids help Chance, Patrick and Alex fight the aliens.   The book concludes with a sacrifice by one of the main characters.

Grade A