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The Barbizon Diaries by James A. Owen

The Barbizon Diaries, An Advance Course in Surviving The Refiner’s Fire, A Meditation on Will, Purpose and the Value of Stories by James A. Owen; 2014; $22.00; 134 pages; Coppervale Press, Taylor, AZ; backed on Kickstarter; 1/4/17-1/9/17 Why did I read this?  Because I backed this on Kickstarter, and because James A. Owen is a great motivator. […]

The Grand Design by James A. Owen

The Grand Design, A Master Class on Living an Extraordinary Life, A Meditation on Creativity, Ambition, and Building a Personal Mythology by James A. Owen; 2014; $22.00; 138 pages; Coppervale Press, Taylor, AZ; backed on kickstarter; 12/30/16-1/2/17 Why did I read this?  Because I backed it on Kickstarter and James A. Owen is a good motivational writer. […]

This is an awesome reward

 The Twentieth Anniversary Nearly Complete Essential Starchild by James A. Owen; 2014; $45.00; 704 pages; Coppervale Press, Taylor, AZ; Kickstarter Reward; 12/18/14-12/20/14 Twenty years ago was an even younger man who self published a comic book called Starchild, over the years it has progressed in fits.  Now he has gathered together almost everything pertaining to Starchild […]

My Fave Reads of 2013

In 2013 out of the 137 books I finished I gave 9 books A+.  Those are obviously the best books I read this year.  Here they are in order to my favorite of 2013.  Title links to my review, author links to their website. Honorable Mention Southern League by Larry Colton/The Amish Seamstress by Mindy […]

It is with a heavy heart and much anticipation.

The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica, The First Dragon by James A. Owen; 2013; $17.99; 294 pages; Simon & Schuster BFYR, New York, NY; 978-1-4424-1226-2; Young Adult Fiction, purchased from Amazon.com; 11/13-11/15 Why did I pick this up? Because I have read all six of the other books in this series and this is the […]

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