Don’t Let Go by Harlan Coben

Don’t Let Go by Harlan Coben; 2017; $28.00; 349 pages; Dutton, New York, NY; 978-0-525-95511-5; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Hollywood; 10/4/17-10/5/17

Why did I read this?  Because I have read every book that Harlan Coben has ever written (as far as I know).  I would probably read his to do list.

Nap Dumas is a small town detective who is like a dog with a bone when it comes to an investigation.  His brother Leo and his girlfriend died there senior year when they were hit by a train, or so they said.  Also that night Nap’s girlfriend Maura disappeared and hasn’t been seen since.  After a policeman is murdered, the crime scene yields Maura’s fingerprint, which results in the unearthing of a conspiracy that has remained hidden since the death of Nap’s brother 15 years before.  Nap’s investigation comes at the price of his strongest relationships at work.  The villain is not who you think it is.



Home by Harlan Coben

Home by Harlan Coben; 2016; $28.00; 385 pages; Dutton, New York, NY;  978-0-525-95510-8; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Rockwood; 10/25/16-10/28/16

Why did I read this?  Because I would almost anything Harlan writes, list of chores, grocery list or child’s excuse from school.

Ten years ago the child of one of Win’s cousins and another boy disappeared under mysterious circumstances and all of a sudden Win receives an email giving him a clue to the locale of the boys.  Win and Myron and friends start following the clues and digging into things, however they find some unnerving facts and the trail leads places they don’t really want to go.  As with most of Harlan’s work it is like riding space mountain, you know there are twists and turns coming but you can’t see them.  A thrill ride you will probably enjoy.

Grade A

Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben

Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben; 2016; $28.00; 390 pages; Dutton, New York, NY; 978-0-525-95509-2; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Central; 3/29/16-4/1/16

Why did I read this? As I have said before I would read Harlan Cobens grocery list.

Maya Burkett has lost her military career, her sister and her husband.  She lost her career to a whistle blower, her sister and husband to unknown assailants.  A friend gives her a nanny camera and on it she sees her dead husband interacting with their daughter in their living room.  This sets on a chase down a deep rabbit hole where she finds conspiracies surrounding conspiracies with in her husbands family and their business.  Maya finds out that she has been fooled but she won’t let it happen again, no matter what.

Grade A, A thriller full of twists and turns that I didn’t see coming.

Myron is not the stranger, but he is in the book.

harlanThe Stranger by Harlan Coben; 2015; $27.95; 386 pages; Dutton, New York, NY; 978-0525-95350-0;checked out from Multnomah County Library, Central; 3/25/15-3/26/15

Why did I pick this up?  Because I would like to read Harlan’s to do list.  The man concocts flat out top of the line page turners.

Adam Price is enjoying his life with his wife and two sons when a stranger steps up to him at the bar and tells Adam that his wife has lied to him.  Like a snowball going downhill gathering speed and growing bigger the plot moves on from that simple beginning.  The stranger and his crew are experts at finding your secrets on the internet and exploiting them for financial gain.  Adam’s wife disappears as the stranger spills more secrets some of which turn deadly.  Harlan has managed to meld four or five stories into one exciting stories.  One secret topples another like a trail of dominoes until no ones life will ever be the same.

Grade A

Did I enjoy it?  Yes like I said above I would read Harlan’s to do list cause it would be filled with mystery and disparate elements that would culminate in a great story.

What is with the title of the review?  Myron Bolitar is the star of a series of books by Harlan Coben.  He makes an un-named uncredited cameo in this book.

found makes me want more

Found by Harlan Coben; 2014; $18.99; 326 pages; G.P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, NY; 978-0-399-25652-3; YA Fiction; checked out from Multnomah County Library, North Portland; 10/20/14-10/22/14

Mickey and Myron Bolitar continue the adventure they began in shelter and continued in seconds away.  Mickey’s father is still dead (nudge, nudge, wink, wink), his tennis wunderkind Mom is in rehab, he’s not speaking to his uncle Myron, his best friend Spoon is paralyzed from the west down, he is being ostracized by the rest of the basketball team, his friend Rachel is made at him for telling her the truth about her Mom, he is falling for his friend Emma but she has an online boyfriend, a holocaust survivor is giving him cryptic messages and someone is trying to keep him from finding out a truth.  Harlan Coben manages to take a whole lot of disparate elements and crafts a cohesive and entertaining thriller.

Did I enjoy it?  If you don’t know by now how much I like Harlan Coben’s writing, you haven’t been reading these reviews for very long.


What is with the title of the review?  Harlan has crafted another series that I look forward to reading.  I want more Mickey Bolitar.