The Wanted by Robert Crais

The Wanted, An Elvis Cole and Joe Pike Novel by Robert Crais; 2017;$28.00;322 pages; G.P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, NY; 978-0399-16150-6; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Belmont; 12/26/17-12/28/18

Why did I read this?  I believe that Robert Crais is an outstanding author and I enjoy reading his stories.

A concerned Mom finds a Rolex watch in her son’s possession that he can in no way afford.  She calls Elvis to check it out and that leads Elvis and Joe down a rabbit hole of death, destruction, corruption and deceit on many levels.  Let’s see what can I say that won’t give anything away, manipulation, corruption, wrongful exoneration, teenage burglars, mercenaries, police and a cat.

Grade A


Deliver Us From Evil by David Baldacci

Deliver Us From Evil by David Baldacci; 2010; $27.99; 406 pages; Grand Central Publishing, New York, NY; 978-0-446-56408-3; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Library Outreach; 12/16/17-12/21/17

Why did I read this?  Because I am reading my way through David Baldacci’s backlist.  This is the second and so far final book in the Shaw series.

As Shaw’s organization targets Evan Waller, he is being targeted by another organization.  This group of people goes after evil people, former Nazis and former members of the KGB who have tortured and killed innocents in the name of some inane cause.  The two sides collide as they are prepping for their individual assignments and warily work together to confront, detain and … the evil-doer.  The story is full of intrigue, injustice and justice, romance and action.

Grade A


The Demon Crown by James Rollins

The Demon Crown by James Rollins; 2017; $28.99; 441 pages; William Morrow, New York, NY; 978-0-06-238173-6; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Hillsdale; 12/11/17-12/16/17

Why did I read this?  Because I have read most of James Rollins previous work and especially enjoy the Sigma series, which always combines history, science and current events.

A new, yet ancient species of wasps are wreaking havoc in the state of Hawaii.  The operatives of the Sigma Force are tasked with tracking down the origin of the species, who is responsible for unleashing the wasps and how to contain them all the while dealing with personal issues of varying types. Rollins deftly combines scary science, historical insights and modern life in a page turning suspenseful story.

Grade A



The Midnight Line by Lee Child

The Midnight Line, A Jack Reacher Novel by Lee Child; 2017; $28.99; 368 pages; Delacorte Press, New York, NY; 978-0-399-59348-2; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Hillsdale; 11/21/17-11/23/17

Why did I read this?  Because I have read every book in the series and enjoy reading them.

Reacher gets off a bus, walks past a pawn shop and sees a West Point class ring in the window.  He buys it and searches for the owner of the ring to return it.  It puts him right in the middle of two of today’s biggest issues, treatment of disable veterans and the opiod epidemic. As he gets the bad guys to play tag and name the next step of the ladder he puts himself and the allies he picks up in harms way.  But they don’t mind because the ring belongs to a family member of one and the other one is also on the side of right.

Grade A


Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines

Capital Gaines, Smart Things I Learned Doing Stupid Stuff by Chip Gaines; 2017; $24.99; 191 pages; W Publishing, An Imprint of Thomas Nelson Publishing, Nashville, TN; 978-0–7852-16308; Checked out from Multnomah County Library, Hillsdale; 11/7/17-11/9/17

Why did I read this?  Because we like watching Fixer Upper and would like to meet Chip and hang out with him.

Part biography, part memoir and a whole lot of inspiration.  Chip Gaines tells how he has learned some very important lessons in business and in his personal life sometimes from circumstances that have caught up with and occasionally by not thinking things completely through.  He tells of his and Joanna’s decision making  process and how they tend to balance each other out.  It is just like sitting at a table with him and chatting with him.  I would still like to hang out with him and talk.

Grade A