Tuesday Teaser

“What he did know was that the whole plateau stank of rotting Scab flesh.”

Green, page 84

Ted Dekker is an awesome author who in his Circle trilogy manages to blend modern day espionage with fantasy.  The Trilogy of Black, Red, White is awesome and Green is a sequel to White and a prequel to Black.  I am really looking forward to reading this.

Who is your neighbor?

Tea with Hezbollah, Sitting at the Enemies’ Table, Our Journey Through the Middle East by Ted Dekker and Carl Medearis; 2010; 245 pages; Doubleday Religion, New York, NY; 978-0-307-58827-2; 1/21-1/25; This book provided by the publisher in exchange for a review; Grade-A

Robert Crais, Harlan Coben, Carol O’Connell and Ted Dekker.  These are a few authors whose to do list I would be willing to read, because I think they would be  exciting.

Novelist Ted Dekker and his friend Carl Medearis, who lives in the Middle East, traveled through the Middle East, asking the question, what do you think of Jesus teaching “love your neighbor.”  They traveled through Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Saudi Arabi and Egypt sitting down with leading Jewish, Christian and Islamic clerics.  They also met with leading members of Hezbollah, Hamas and other Freedom Fighters throughout the region.  They asked what made these men cry and laugh, what they thought was the biggest misconceptions Americans had about them, what they thought their people had about Americans, and what they thought about Jesus story of the Good Samaratian.  It is an interesting look at those whom we call enemies, who are really no different than we are.  We need to get to know our global neighbors on a more personal basis.  The trick is how we get my block to know their neighbors in Beirut, Damascus and around the world.  Interspersed throughout the account of their travel, Dekker weaves a story that parallels the story of the Good Samaritan.  Everyone should read this.

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Tuesday Teaser

Every Tuesday I will tease you and perhaps myself with a line from the book I am reading or a book I have on my to be read shelf.  I am currently reading Tea with Hezoballah to review for the publisher.

“The first meeting between Walid and Nicole ended suddenly.”

pg 91

Ted Dekker and Carl Medearis travel through the Mid East trying to find common ground with our enemies.  I am on page 47 and so far it is very interesting.

What would you do to save your child?

Boneman’s Daughter by Ted Dekker; 2009; 401 pages; Hachette Book Group, New York, NY; 978-1-59995-195-9; 5/7/09-5/8/09

Something a little different from Ted Dekker, pretty much a straight ahead mystery without so many spiritual overtones.  They are there, but they are a lot more obvious and and less integral to the plot than in previous books.  The Boneman kidnaps young woman and kills them by breaking their bones without breaking the skin. Ryan Evans has put his service to his country ahead of his wife and daughter.  He is a Naval Intelligence officer in Iraq, whose convoy is ambushed and he is captured.  He is forced to confront the collateral damage of war and is confronted with the inhumanity of man.  His captors force him to watch as they murder children in the same manner as the Boneman.  He is rescued and returns to the United States, where he tries to reunite with his family, but he has pushed them away for so long that they want nothing to do with him.  His wife has found something with another man and his daughter has found meaning in modeling.  Shortly after he returns the Boneman kidnaps Ryans’ daughter and challenges him to save her.  You know the typical don’t tell the police, do this and I will let her live, do that and she dies, follow the clues.  Not up to the typical Dekker.  RR

What Happens when you Kiss?

Kiss by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy; 2008; 322 pages; Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville, TN; 978-1-59554-470-4; 3/24/09-3/26/09

Shauna McAllister begins the story with an accident that puts her in a medically induced coma, leaves her brother brain damaged and her with amnesia.  But things are not what they seem.  There are things that just don’t add up to her and things that make absolutely no sense.  Then she discovers that she has the ability to take memories from others, but only those who trust her, and she has to work to refine the ability to get the memories she wants or needs.   This leads her into all kinds of avenues of drugs, AWOL memories, human trafficking, dirty politics, and money laundering.  Shaunas’ mother died young and her idealistic father has married the wicked stepmother who despises Shauna and has ambitions of her own.  We watched ‘In Her Shoes’  last night and it just reinforced the belief that the wicked stepmother is done, it’s over, don’t do it again.  It was a good book, but not up to the usual Dekker mark.  I think any time an author starts co writing is about the time I begin to stop reading them, i.e. Tom Clancy and James Patterson.  RRr