Stephen King, Hearts in Suspension with Essays by College Classmates and Friends Edited with an introduction by Jim Bishop;  2016; $28.00; 373 pages; University of Maine Press, Orono, Maine; 978-0-89101-127-9; first edition, first printing, 30,000 copies; purchased at the Friends of the Multnomah County Library book sale; 7/12/17-7/16/17

Why did I read this?  I think that Stephen King is one of the best storytellers ever, so I am trying to get caught up on his books and like reading about him.

This books celebrates the 50th anniversary of Stephen King starting his college career at the University of Maine and how those years influenced him, changed him and shaped him into who he is.  It contains his novella Hearts in Atlantis, an essay by him about his years at UMO and reprints of some of his college newspaper columns.  It also includes essays by classmates, roommates, fellow English majors, fellow members of the newspaper staff and even one of his instructors.  Most of the essays are about the years of college and how the late sixties influenced them and shaped who they are, King is often only slightly mentioned in the essays.