Revival by Stephen King; 2014; $30.00; 405 pages; Scribner, New York, NY; Fiction; 978-1-4767-7083-3; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Capitol Hill; 12/23/14-12/26/14

The lives of Jamie Morton and Charlie Jacobs intertwine in this tale that starts innocently and moves deeper into horror.  Jamie Morton is just a small boy when Charlie Jacobs comes to town as a minister in his small Maine town.  Charlie uses electricity in all kinds of interesting ways, starting with demonstrations of electricity and relating it to the Christian life.  After his wife and son are killed in a horrible automobile accident, Charlie rejects all aspects of Christianity but continues his search for a secret electricity.  He finds all kinds of uses for electricity,3-D photos and healing powers.  Meanwhile Jamie has grown and become a rock and roll rhythm guitarist with several different bands, he is severely injured in a motorcycle accident.  As a result of the accident he becomes addicted to pain killers and then escalates to heroin.  He is searching a carnival midway to make a buy when he stumbles into the path of Charlie Jacobs again, Charlie nurses Jamie back to health.  After getting him somewhat healthy he uses electricity to heal Jamie of his heroin addiction and his limp from the broken leg in his motorcycle accident.  Jamie works with Charlie for awhile before they go their separate ways again.  They eventually cross paths again and that is when the horror really ramps up.


Did I like it?  Yes it was exciting and suspenseful and scary and fun like most Stephen King books.

What is with the title of the review?  SKU is stocking keeping unit or the barcode on most items and now it is Stephen King Universe, since most of the books seem to take place in the same universe.  He mentions Joyland in this backstory of one the characters.