he said/she said by Erin Kelly; 2017; $25.99; 392 pages; Minotaur Books, New York, NY; 978-1-250-11369-6; ARC purchased on Ebay; 3/4/18-3/8/18

Why did I read this?  Because it is the January selection of the Corner Reading Society, a book club that I belong to.

A popular device in three books that I have read recently is to have the chapters alternate between narrators.  In this case it is a married couple, Kit and Laura, and their narration starts in 1999 at a festival scheduled to coincide with an eclipse.  The entire narrative revolves around eclipses.  While at the festival they interrupt a rape and that confrontation takes over their lives in many different ways.  Secrets are kept and reputations are tainted and tattered.

What is with the title of the review?  I was reading along in one story when I was picked up and body slammed as another story started.  I can usually spot foreshadowing in a story, but it almost seemed like there was little connection between things in the first part and things revealed in the second half of the story.