Minding Molly by Leslie Gould; 2014; $14.99; 349 pages; Bethany House, Minneapolis, MN; 978-0-7642-1033-4; 978-07642-1033-4; Contemporary Fiction; a gift from the Publisher; 3/11/14-3/13/14

What is the story?  Molly Zook is sent reeling when her Dat dies, she had helped him around the farm and is very organized.  Her organization and adherence to a schedule sometimes rubs others the wrong way.  She becomes even more concerned when her Mamm starts experiencing health issues.  One thing all Christians often teach and talk about is trusting God in everything, which is harder than it seems.  We want to lean on our own understanding and control our destiny and circumstances.  Molly comes up with multiple ways to save the farm as does her mother, not all of which are favorable to Molly.  Her mother thinks she should marry the boy next door, which Molly thinks about until she meets an Amish Cowboy from Montana. In addition the boy next door is loved by Mollys’ best friend.  Much confusion ensues between the couples when people assume things and don’t think before speaking.  When Molly begins trusting God instead of herself things begin to work out for her.


Did I like it?  Mostly yes.  The last chapter felt tacked and rushed to me.  The whole rest of the story was excellent and very engaging.

Why did I pick this up?  Because I read most of what Leslie has written and she is an excellent storyteller.  I look forward to more from her.

What is with the title of the review?  The Amish are sometimes known as the plain people and Molly can be rather bossy in parts of the story.