Kill You Twice by Chelsea Cain; 2012; $25.99; 326 pages; Minotaur Press, New York, NY; 9780312619787; purchased from Powell’s Books at Wordstock 2012; 2/6-2/7

Why did I pick this up?  I have read all the previous books in this series and enjoyed and I think I have spoken to Chelsea at the last three Wordstocks and had enjoyable conversations with her.

What is the story?  Someone is murdered on Mt. Tabor and tied to the tallest tree, someone is murdered on the Made in Oregon sign and Archie Sheridan and the Beauty Killer Task Force are on the case.  It can’t be Gretchen Lowell because she is in custody at the Oregon State Hospital, but she may know who it is.  As Archie, Henry, Susan and the task force try and solve the case, more of Gretchen’s past is revealed.  We find out more about her upbringing and some of what may make her whom she is.

Did I like it?  Yes, even though saying that I liked a book about a serial killer is kinda weird.  I think it is the mystery and the solving of the crime and the relationships between the characters that I really like.


What is with the title of the review?  This is the way that a series of mysteries should be written.  With each successive book the characters should grow and learn from the previous experience and change when things happen to them.  Archie, Gretchen, Susan and Henry, among others have changed and grown.