pt surAdventures at Pt. Sur by Carol O’Neil; 2002; $9.99; 58 pages; Central Coast Lighthouse Keepers, Carmel, CA; 0-9722763-0-0;purchased at Big Sur River Inn General Store, June 10,2013; 4/17/15-4/17/15

That picture below the book cover was our families view out our front room window at the Point Sur Naval Facility.  The NavFac was 5 miles north of Big Sur and about 30 miles south of Carmel. On the far right of the rock is the Pt. Sur lighthouse you can also see what used to be the keepers houses.  Now that I’ve covered that let me tell you about the book.  The story is about the son of one of the lighthouse keepers who moved onto the rock in 1905.  It tells of his adventures on and around Pt. Sur.  It is an entertaining light story that doesn’t take long to read.

Grade C

Did I enjoy it?  Yes I just thought it was way too short and too simple.

What is with the title of the review?  The last place my Dad was stationed in the U.S. Navy was at the Point Sur Naval Facility and Pt. Sur Lighthouse was our view.