Burdy by Karen Spears Zacharias; 2015; $15.00; 182 pages; Mercer University Press, Macon, GA; 978-0-88146; 539-6; purchased from Amazon.com; 9/4/15-9/8/15

A follow up to Karen’s debut, Mother of Rain, Burdy begins to receive someone that she thought was dead.  As she corresponds with him she decides to visit him and see if she can determine while he has hidden his true fate from those who love him.  She decides to visit him and learn from him what happened.  Her adventures while traveling far from the hollers of Tennessee are extremely moving.  There are things that I did not see coming and I was incredibly moved by the story.

Grade A+

Did I enjoy it?  Yes, I was incredibly moved by some of the passages in the book.  There are several dog eared pages in my copy because I want to remember Karens’ phrasing.  I am looking forward to the third book.