Ok I know how I know Kelly, that is the Kellywell, but I don’t know Kellgarn. Kelly’s family is the first family that I introduced my wife to. It says much for her that she didn’t run screaming out of Portland. Wait that is wrong, Dennis and Cathy are very, very good friends and her brother Dan loaned us his name for our oldest son. Our oldest son is named Daniel Scott, and the Scott is after Kelly’s husband. We must have some kind of obsession with Kelly. Let’s see what else is there, oh yeah, my younger brother and Kelly graduated from Hi School together. I think that they even went to some formal event together.

On Kellys site I have figured out the Margi is Jenn’s Mom, but I haven’t figured out how Twyla knows Jenn. Then there is are Cathy and Lorraine who are web master Steve’s sister and wife. I have never met Cathy, but Lorraine also graduated from high school with my brother and I haven’t seen or talked to her since Scott and Kelly’s wedding.

Jenn and Charles are special to me because God spoke to me specifically about praying for them one day when I was on retreat. Ever since then they have on my heart and I pray for them.

Well later I am going to describe the place I work as per Twyla’s request. I hope you are as thoroughly confused as I am.