Blood Doctrine by Christian Piatt; 2014; $14.99; 183 pages; Square Core Media; 978-1-938633-55-3; backed on Kickstarter; 1/31/15-2/2/15

As I understand it there wouldn’t be a body if someone was resurrected and ascended into heaven.  Christian Piatt uses the idea that Jesus came back to life and visited some of his friends and family and then disappeared and his body was rediscovered.  Thousands of years later someone was able to clone Jesus and the clone appears to be able to do divine stuff like healing.  However I have trouble accepting the central premise of the book, which appears to me to be, Jesus died, came back to life, and then died again.  But by all that happening I don’t think a clone of Jesus would be divine.  The clone is raised in an orphanage and is never given any moral guidance, he is a sax playing, free wheeling guy who sleeps with his girlfriend and smokes bud.  The story also seems to be the beginning of a series and does not come to a satisfactory conclusion.

Did I enjoy it?  Not really because several ideas seemed to be in conflict throughout the story as I detailed above.


What is with the title of the review?  Several aspects of the story seem to be in conflict with them selves as in the oxymoron, Jumbo Shrimp.