One of my favorite types of music is that played by Marching Bands, from John Phillip Sousa to T.  Rex.  John Phillip Sousa wrote so much music that we hear in parades and marching band competitions that some of the songs are embedded in our collective consciousnesses.  Stars and Stripes Forever is probably his best known song.  When I was in high school (71-75)  it seemed that every band played the Hawaii Five-O theme and Bang a Gong.  The best band in Parades around here is the One More Time Around Again Marching Band, made up of former band members ranging in age from early 20’s to the 70’s, their signature tune is Louie, Louie.  I used to love the Ohio State and Grambling University bands when I was growing up.  The movie Drumline has some great marching band stuff, it will just blow your mind.  The book American Band, Music, Dreams, and Coming of Age in the Heartland by Kristen Laine was an awesome book that exposed me to a culture that I was unaware of and was extremely well written.  My personal favorite former marching band member is my good friend, Amanda Banker.