Secondhand Summer by Dan L. Walker; 2016; $12.99; 182 pages; Alaska Northwest Books, Portland, OR; 978-1-943328-42-0; given to me by my sister in law, Dana Paperman; 4/12/18-4/15/18

Sam, lives with his Mom, Dad, brother and sister on Alaska’s coast, where they eke out a living fishing.  Sam has grown up in the same town and has grown close to his friends as they are going through middle school. Sam’s father passes away from a heart attack and his mother moves what is left of the family to Anchorage.  Sam has no friends and is unsure of himself and his is plunked down in a new town and a totally new situation.  He make three new friends that take him into several questionable situations.  One of them suffers a trauma that Sam is able to help him through.

Grade 10/10

What is with the title of the review? One of the themes of the story is what is missing from the life of the characters.  Each of the characters seems to be missing something in their lives.