The Lost Code, Book One of the Atlanteans by Kevin Emerson; 2012; $17.99; 435 pages; Katherine Tegen Books, New York, NY; 978-0-06-206279-6; Purchased from; 1/4/13-1/6/13

Why did I pick this up?  I read one of Kevins’ other books, because he was going to be at Wordstock 2012 and I like reading things by authors that are going to be there.

What is the story?  Owen “wins” a trip to a summer camp inside a dome, because climate change has gotten so bad that most people live in domed cities to protect them from the UV rays and raising waters.  Owen drowns and discovers that he is related to the people of the missing city of Atlantis.  Before he can fulfill his destiny as the newest Atlantean he has to deal with the many issues of summer camp, being an outsider, being bullied, deciding which side to be on, hormones raging and being young and naive.  An exciting look at a dystopian future, but with a hero that many of us can relate to.  Owen must deal with shifting allegiances, being the (perhaps) savior of humanity and earth, all the while learning lessons about himself, others and life as he goes on.  I am looking forward to seeing how the relationships develop between Owen, Lily and Carey.

Did I like it?  Most definitely, for several reasons, the main character is male, in so many YA titles of dystopian futures, (Hunger Games, Reached, etc)  the main character is female.  It is nice to see a strong male character taking the lead.  Also although this is set in the future there are many elements that are relatable, from family and friends to the whole summer camp agenda.  And the story is exciting which makes all the rest even more enjoyable.  I am looking forward to the rest of the series.


What is with the title of the review?  Besides being the title of a great song from the movie Footloose, a young man is the main character which seems to unusual in todays’ young adult novel.