Long Way Gone by Charles Martin; 2016; $25.99;308 pages; Thomas Nelson, Nashville, TN; 978-0-7180-8471-4; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Central; 2/7/18-2/11/18

Why did I read this?  When my sister, Melodie was home I had lunch with her and Kevin Nichols and we got to talking about books and Mel recommended this.  So I picked it up and I am glad I did, the writing was so good that there were spots that I read the book out loud to Ruthann.

The soundtrack for this would be awesome.  As I read I would be hearing the music in my head from Hymns to classic rock.  An itinerant widower preacher and his son travel all over preaching to the masses, until they have a very big falling out and the son goes on a journey of self discovery.  He climbs to the heights of the country music but then loses it all to a corrupt music producer.  After falling about as low as he can  go he returns to his hometown and begins to rebuild his life. He reconnects with old friends, the memory of his father and his heavenly father.

This is the story of the prodigal son, set in our current time.


what is with the title of the review?  Music is an important part of the book and the intensity of the book goes to eleven.  I cried at various places in the story.