Out of the Dark, An Orphan X Novel by Gregg Hurwitz; 2019; $27.99; 388 pages; Minotaur Books, New York, NY; 978-1-250-12042-7; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Rockwood; 1/31/19-2/5/19

Why did I read this?  Because Gregg Hurwitz is one of the most exciting writers out there and the Orphan X novels are amazing.

Evan Smoak has discovered whom is trying to kill him and the other members of the Orphan project.  A highly placed administration official who headed up the project has decided that the fallout would be too costly if it was discovered that he was responsible for some of the things the orphans did.  He has loosed a psychopathic orphan on the others so that no knowledge of earlier covert operations do not become public knowledge.  While Evan juggles an everyday life, a Nowhere Man call and trying to keep from being killed he has to devise a way to take out the threat to he and all the other orphans.


What is with the title of the review? It seems that Evan has terminated the problem that has targeted he and the other orphans since the series began, so what is next?