Never Go Back by Lee Child; 2013; $28.00; 400 pages; Delacorte Press, New York, NY; Fiction; 978-0-385-344-340; checked out from Multnomah County Library; 10/12-10/14

Why did I pick this up?  Because I have read all the previous Reacher novels and really enjoyed them.  Lee Child has created a character that moves about the country and also has grown and changed throughout the series.

What is the story?  Reacher finally gets to Washington to meet the woman whose voice he has only heard on the telephone. She is currently the commanding officer of a unit of Military Police that Reacher was formerly the CO of.  When he arrives at her office she has been arrested and thrown in a cell on a charge of accepting a bribe and some marionette martinet has replaced her.  Reacher is returned to duty and summarily arrested on a 16 year old complaint.  Reacher then breaks himself and Major Susan Turner out of the stockade, so they can investigate.  The investigation takes them from DC to LA and back again, the investigation ranges from Afghanistan to the highest levels of the U.S. Government.  We meet a couple of new characters that I would like to see again.  Reacher moves on after clearing his and Major Turners names and foiling a group miusing the US government, (and no it’s not Congress).

Did I like it?  Yes, once again Reacher lives to investigate and helps someone in need.  He is constantly growing and changing.


What is with the title of the review?  With Reacher there are always things coming from Reachers past to impact his future.  In this story it is an old assault complaint and a possible paternity suit.

PS. I wish people would quit talking about Tom Cruise in the Reacher movie because I am trying to put that completely out of my mind.