Crow in the Hollow by Brian W. Parker; 2013; $15.95; 290 pages; Inkwater Press, Portland, OR; 978-1-59299-968-2; Fiction; Purchased from the author at Wordstock, November 2013; 5/1/14-5/3/14

Suqata is the last of his tribe, and the last wordweaver.  He is taken into slavery by the colonists who have conquered the land, where he meets a older man who begins to teach him the songs of his people and the power they have.  He is then sold to an Army Captain who teaches him to be his swordbearer.  Suqata is smarter than any of the colonists give the “savages” credit for and learns quickly.  A new governor comes to the colony, his daughter has a secret of her own which compliments Suqatas’.  The governor removes Suqata from the Captain and makes him his daughters valet.  Together they learn much about the songs and their power.  When the colony is challenged by evil it is up to Suqata to battle that evil with help from some friends.

Why did I read this?  I met the author at the latest Wordstock and talked to him about his book and then purchased a copy.  I finally got everything I had checked from the library read so now I am tackling the pile of books that I have bought or were given to me.


Did I like it?  Yes very much.  It was fun and exciting somewhat reminiscent of the early Shannara books.

What is with the title of the review?  After I finished reading the book I realized that Brian had obtained the financing for publishing through a Kickstarter campaign.  If he goes out for another one for a sequel I would be a backer.