Damn Few, Making the Modern SEAL Warrior by Rorke Denver, Former Head of Basic and Advanced SEAL Training, Star of Act of Valor and Ellis Henican; 2013; $27.99; 290 pages; Hyperion, New York, NY; 978-1-4013-2479-7; purchased from Multnomah County Library Title Wave Used Bookstore; 2/19/15-2/21/15

Rorke Denver went from being a competitive little guy who had to win to a high school and college athlete who had to win to being a Navy SEAL.   This is his journey from being so competitive as a lad that he dove across the finish line to beat another kid, not caring that he was diving onto the concrete sidewalk of his cul-de-sac to being a leader in the SEAL team and being an administrator in charge of training the next generation of SEAL warriors.  These guys are warriors and they train hard to get there, they do what they do because they believe in the principles our nation is founded on, they have a strong sense of right and wrong and above all honor.  The author tells of his life growing up, reading Winston Churchill and competing in athletics before becoming a SEAL.  It is an exciting and insightful read, he tells of battles fun and not so fun within the SEALS and against enemies foreign and domestic.  He is never arrogant about what he has done, but matter of fact.


Did I enjoy it?  Yes, I am always amazed at what these operators go through to become SEAL Warriors.  I am always looking for insight and I found much here that will influence my life going forward.

What is with the title of the review? It is from an epigraph at the start of Chapter 14 of the book.  It is either a poem or part of a poem by the authors brother.

I never feared the day

That death comes take my hand.

I fear the cries of my family

So I’ll live as long as I can.

—Nate Denver