I went to two high schools in two states between 1971 and 1975.  I started at a four year high school in Carmel, CA and finished at a three year high school in Eugene, OR.  I started at Carmel High School and finished at South Eugene High School.  My class from South is having a reunion this Saturday and I will be unable to attend due to attendance at a wedding in Portland that day.  This week I will be featuring list from both schools as a way to the very un reunion I will be having on Saturday.

Five random things

Carmel High School                                                                        South Eugene High

1.red and gray                                                                                  1. purple and white

2. The Padres                                                                                    2.  The Axemen

3. 30 mile bus ride (each way)                                                   3.  rode my bike to school

4. John Stein went undefeated in wrestling, he only        4.  chair races down the hallways

weighed 93 pounds

5.   saw Clint Eastwood on the way to school                    5.  saw the red devil streak