Isaiah, Nathan, Johnathan, Andrew, Josh Rowlett

Last week I shared our friendship with Greg and Leanne Rowlett, this week I would like to talk about their sons.  They have no daughters, but two daughter in laws, this picture was taken at Andrews’ wedding to Heather.  Each of these men have a distinct personality, none of them are remotely alike.  Isaiah is the youngest at 17, Nate is 18, John and Andrew are 25 and Josh is the oldest at 28.  The are all friends of mine and they are all friends in different styles. They have all played football at Portland Christian High School and all of them have participated in the track program there.  Josh, is a cowboy who owns a couple of dogs and a horse, he drives truck for a lumber company.  Andrew is going to school and being an awesome husband to Heather, and he works for a physical fitness equipment manufacturer.  John is a combat corpsman in the Naval Reserve, works for a warehouse company and being a good husband to Allie and dad to Malachi.  Nate is a football player and student at Western Oregon.  Isaiah is a junior at Portland Christian and a chess state champion.   I know that I could count on any of them at any time, they are truly true friends.  I really like all of these guys.