While I was in high school in Eugene, one of my best friends was Pat Vann.  We were in the same youth group but went to different high schools.  We seemed to be really good friends, then at some point he moved, to Reno I think.  That was the last I saw of him, but there are very few days I don’t think of him.

While I was in the Navy and living in Oakland, CA I attended Lakeside Baptist Church.  I made a great friend there named Rick Lindholm, he was attending Cal State Hayward.  After I moved back to Portland, we stayed in touch for a while.  We were going to be the best man at each others weddings, but when those dates rolled around neither of us could afford the trip.  March 4 is Ricks’ birthday and I remember it each year.  That was a great trip we made to Canada, and when I roll through yellow lights, I think of Rick.

I would love to reconnect with both of these friends, so what we have here is a six degrees of separation experiment.