We have been in a small group for several years, around 7 or 8, with 5 other couples.  One of these couples is Peter and Leslie Gould.  We are also in a book group with Peter and Leslie.  The group is fun because we always have dinner, based on the book, before we even discuss the book.  Leslie is the daughter of an author, her Dad, wrote a book  called G Companys’ War about his experience in WWII.  Leslie is also a author who has written several books.  A couple of which have made me cry, cause the characters are so real.  Peter is a nurse at a local hospital and also a Major in the Army reserves, who is currently in Alaska working on an inter service earthquake drill.  Peter is also a major fan of the Chelsea football team and the Portland Timbers.  Peter and Leslie have four kids, the older two boys are spending lots of time with our son David.  They also have two girls who are really good athletes.