Fighting American by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby; 1945 & 2011; $19.95; 200 pages; Titan Books, London, England; 9780857681157; purchased from Multnomah County Library, Title Wave Used Bookstore; 8/18/17-8/19/17

Why did I read this?  For a couple of reasons, first because it was written and drawn by a couple of graphic novel legends, Jack Kirby (who would be 100 today, August 28, 2017) and Joe Simon.  My favorite comic book character is Captain America and Fighting American was created and published while Cap was on Hiatus in 1954.

I was not impressed at all with this.  It is way too goofy for me.  This appeared campier to me than the 1966 Batman TV show with Adam West.

Grade C, only because of who the creators are.