I am working for my friend Eric at his baseball card shop, Heaven Spent Sportscards, so that his family can go to the baseball all star game of one son. Dan is working at Farmers Market and/or sleeping/doing laundry/hanging out. Ruth Ann is working on a wedding for Sunday.
David is hanging out with his buddy Sol Ediger.

Today was another day of sorting items at work. We are gearing up to go through 300 crates of material this weekend. It will be interesting to see what Central Library has sent us. They have some material that is really old. Some of the stuff they send us is really cool.

We started to watch Finding Neverland but Ruth Ann had to go sew for the wedding this Sunday. Dan and I had already seen it. Once again Johnny Depp gives a masterful performance, without any real oddity, just a really imagnitive mind that was ahead of his time. I didn’t use to like Johnny, cause I thought he was just a pretty face from 21 Jump Street. I was wrong he is a great actor. I have a idea that there are two kinds of people who are in movies, there are MOVIE STARS and there are actors. Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin are movie stars, when you see them you realize that it is them pretending to be someone else. Johnny Depp is an actor, you relate to the character not the actor. Harrison Ford used to be an actor but has become a movie star. Nicole Kidman is a movie star who is trying to be an actress. Good luck. There is a writer corollary to this theory that I will tell you about sometime.

Since we didn’t want to watch Finding Neverland, we watched The Lost Boys. An 80’s campy horror film starring everyone from the 80’s. This wouldn’t have been campy and would have been much better if Corey Feldman had not been trying to do some funky deep voice. Kiefer Sutherland is good as the leader of the lost boys, but the giveaway as to whom is the head vampire is pretty obvious if you know your vampire lore.

Well everyone else has gone to bed, I will follow after the news is over. Take care