Drift Away by Jeff Shelby; 2012; 383 pages; $12.99; Creative Space; 9781478151531;checked out from Eugene Public Library via Inter Library Loan; 10/23/16-10/25/16

Noah Braddock has fled San Diego in the wake of some violence that he was involved in and has taken up residence in Fort Walton, Florida.  He still hangs out on the beach but has not surfed since the death of his fiancee.  He encounters a young boy on the beach who cannot find his mother and with that he gets sucked back into the violence of life.  Jeff Shelby took a big risk with what he did to his lead character in the last book, but it is worth it.  The Noah Braddock books are engrossing and fun to read.  It is a good mystery series with a likable hero.