Skin Game, A Novel of the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher; 2014; $27.95; 454 pages; A Roc book, New York, NY; SF; 978-0-451-46439-2; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Midland; 6/22/14-6/24/14

Harry is busy training for Parkour and being Warden of his own private demon island prison, when Mab, Queen of Winter has a job for him that he can’t refuse because he is the Winter Night.  He is tasked to help Nicodemus break into a secure vault in the underworld.  He is aligned with several people and supernatural beings with whom he has done battle with before. He has his usual cast of supporting characters backing him up although his brother Thomas is only mentioned.  He finally figures out that Nic is trying to steal the Holy Grail and it’s not being guarded by a Templar Knight in Jordan, but is in an extremely secure vault in Hades’ Kingdom.  Harry keeps Nic from getting 4 other artifacts that are as powerful as the Grail and has a very interesting conversation with Hades.


Did I like it?  Yes, it is packed with action, humor and all kinds of double crosses and shades of grey and all kinds of supernatural creatures.  The only problem with this book is that it ended and now I have to wait at least a year for another one.

What is with the title?  Death in The Book Thief is one of the most compassionate characters ever written and Hades is a very compassionate character also.