The 1910 Slocum Massacre, An Act of Genocide in East Texas by E.R. Bills; 2014; $19.99; 159 pages; The History Press, Charleston, S.C.; 978-1-62619-352-9; checked out from the Nicholson Library, Linfield College through the Interlibrary Loan Program; 11/10/18-11/13/18

Why did I read this?  This book was mentioned in White Fragility  and I was interested in Citizens of the United States who committed acts of genocide against other citizens of the United States.

In Slocum, Texas someone started a rumor that the black people of the town were forming a mob to kill the whites in town.  The whites of the town were the ones who started that rumor and used that pretense to murder many black members of the community.  Several members of law enforcement followed up and were able to arrest many men who took part of the  massacre.  Records of the arrest were burned in a courthouse fire and when the charges were transferred to another county any progress was stopped and the men went on to live out their lives.  Once again the white male patriarchy protected itself at the expense of other members of the community.  Once again people of color are treated as less than human.


What is with the title of the review? Rumors have been the basis of many things throughout the years and in this case it brought about the death of men of color simply because of the color of the skin and the desire of others to gain more land.