I was just leaving a comment on my dear friend Kellys’ blog and I started to cry. It had nothing to do with her blog, all though we miss her and Scotty terribly. Yesterday I came from work and found that one of my 19 year old sons’ friends had hung himself. Dan said that he couldn’t sleep last night because everytime he closed his eyes he saw his friend. I haven’t told him but I sometimes have that problem of not being able to sleep. It is when I haven’t heard from Daniel in several days and have no idea where he is, I see him on a cornorers slab. It might be different when he is not living at home and I don’t expect to see him daily. I love him and would miss him very much.
We have talked about the suicide and Dan feels that he would have some one to talk to if he got really depressed. Dan has hope for the future.
I flashed back to my graduation night as we talked. The three years I went to South Eugene High School was the longest time I had been at one school. I made a friend sometime while I was there named Dave Gallup, we had a bunch of classes together. I remember a picture that was taken of us in one class, with our feet up on a table while we listened to Mr. Paul. We decided that we would march into graduation together. Came the night of graduation and Dave never showed up, teachers kept telling me that he was stuck in traffic.
The next day I was listening to the radio when I heard the news. David had been rafting and fell out of his raft and his lifejacket brought him up under a rock and he drown.
I have told that story to Dan a bunch of times and he nows says that he understands how I was feeling.
Please pray for Dan, Crystal, Boomer and especially Carson.
I have to go hug my little boy. Actually my big man he’s 6 ft 4 inches tall and about 250.