Choosing Donald Trump-God, Anger, Hype and Why Christian Conservatives Supported Him by Stephen Mansfield; 2017; $21.99; 195 pages; BakerBooks, Grand Rapids, MI; 978-0-8010-0733-0; Checked out from Multnomah County Library, Central; 12/21/17-12/26/17

Why did I read this?  Because I wanted to know how some people who claim to be christians voted for a crass, adulterous, boastful man who brags about his wealth and sexual conquest.

I believe the title is a little misleading, I didn’t get the feeling that the author deeply explored why Christian conservatives supported Trump.  It was the same answers as before, distrust of Hilary, anger at government intervention and overreach, his bluntness and his promises to support the religious fundamentalist christian jihadist.  Most of the book is about Trump’s religious education at the feet of Norman Vincent Peale, Paula White and others who trumpet the “if you are positive your life will be positive”  “see and be it”  philosophy.  Winning isn’t the most important thing to Donald Trump it seems to be the only thing.  I would like to see a more detailed book dealing with how people who call themselves christians reconcile Trumps behavior with so many things in the bible that seem at odds with that behavior.

Grade B