Cathi and Rod

The young lady in the picture with me is my cousin Cathi Eifert. The event was her wedding in July of 2004. I had the privelge of walking her down the aisle for her marriage to Kurt Eifert. Cathi is the youngest cousin on my Dad’s side of the family and I am the oldest. Some how though we have always had a really strong connection with each other. She was the only cousins graduation that I attended out of 10 cousins. Even though we live, for now, on opposite coasts I can always count on Cathi to brighten my day, with some joke or picture she has found. I am looking forward to when we live closer together so we can celebrate our birthdays together.

Cathi, I am always thankful for your quick smile, your hearty laugh and your love. I am looking forward to being able to spend time with you again. I miss talking to you and seeing you smile.
Have a great day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Love, Rod