Monday Music

Good morning, I got up and walked this morning for the first time in a couple of months, I only went a mile, but it’s a start. I saw a cardiologist awhile back and she told me I needed to lose 130 pounds, so I am starting that journey.

I must say that the world will be a slightly less funny place from now on. George Carlin had a heart attack and died. If you haven’t heard his comedy, make an effort to somehow hear what he has to say.

Now for the music.

Laura McGreeveyHold Me/Laura McGreevey/EP. I originally downloaded this because I knew Laura when she was in high school. She sang in high school but she really has come into her own. I really liked the songs, but this morning after reading Lamentations 1, this song really spoke to me. My only refuge is in my Lord. Laura has a wonderful voice and is a great songwriter. Check her out at

Early Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin, Vol. 1Immigrant Song/Led Zeppelin/The Best of Led Zeppelin, Vol 1. The last time I reloaded my ipod I resolved that I would only have one song per band and Stairway is so overdone. Immigrant Song has a classic riff and listening to Robert Plant sing is always great. Watch the DVD extra’s on School of rock to see Jack Black beg Zep for permission to use it in School of Rock.

Greatest HitsAmerican Woman/Lenny Kravitz/Austin Powers 2. Lenny takes an old Guess Who tune and definitely makes it his own. His guitar work is truly great and his voice has just the right balance between polish and rough for this song.  Haven’t heard much from Lenny lately, I need to go look for more music and see what he is doing.

Bleeding Love Bleeding Love/Leona Lewis/Bleeding Love. I know nothing about this artist and this is only the second time I have heard the song. I kind of like her voice, and it has a nice hook. When I refilled my ipod I asked my son, David, to add some music that he thought I would like and this is one of the songs.

Kindred Spirits: A Tribute to the Music of Johnny CashGet Rhytm/Little Richard/Kindred Spirits, A Tribute to the Songs of Johnny Cash. Here is a pairing that is very inspired, I never would have thought to ask Little Richard to sing a Johnny Cash song. But man does it work, it is a flat out rock and roll song as Little Richard pounds it out on the piano. It rivals Johnny’s version as an original.

See ya later.

Kansas City’s gain is our loss


This year for the first time we joined a life group at Mosaic.  It is a really great bunch of people whom we have all grown to view more as family than friends.  One of our family is moving to Kansas City.   Renita is a traveling nurse who has worked here for several months and is now returning to her home.  Renita doesn’t always say alot but there is a love that flows from her to her friends.  She has really bonded with Kassidy DeHart.  We will miss her a whole lot, though we have told her that she is only visiting KC and will be moving back to Portland.  We love you Renita, hope to see you soon.

Being Foolish, doesn’t work out well

leg-scrape.jpgbruised footWhere my foot was

Last night I came home and acted like a macho man, which usually has disastrous results. I was trying to show Ruth Ann that there was no pole in the center of this pillar so I tipped it over slightly, it just kept coming over. It ripped the jeans that I was wearing and ripped the skin, then came to rest on my right heel. I pushed with my left leg and managed to get my foot out of the shoe. I then rolled around on the carport for a few minutes, I managed to get inside and laid down on the couch and Ruth Ann fixed a large bag of ice to but on it. There was a knot about the size of a baseball at the bottom of the slice. It went away with the ice. I can’t put any weight on the heel. I haven’t even tried putting on shoes yet.

This is my version of what happened on Monday about 5:15 in the carport of the Richards home. Rod had just finished a discussion with our neighbor to our north about a 4ft tall, 15″wide pillar that had come loose from its base. Rod has just told Arlee that he was planning on taking it down so that it didn’t “fall” over on his million dollar motor coach. I ask Rod about how he was going to cut the steal post in the middle of the pillar. Rod said “there was no post in the middle holding up the pillar.” I commented that most pillars have posts in them to stablize them and give them the strength to stay upright. At that point Rod took the pillar and tipped it over towards the carport…. I said “OK I see that”, then I expected him to set the pillar back up. Rod leaned it just a little to far and then there was no going back, that 300lb pillar was coming down and Rod and I were not going to keep that from happening. The pillar slid down his leg and then pinned his right heel under the pillar for about 5 seconds until we could pull it out.

The next 15-20 minutes were spent with Rod on his back rolling around on the carport writhing in pain. I just tried not to watch how desire to be right overrides common sense. It was a pitiful sight. I did however make sure that he was basically OK. He kept yelling a me, ” don’t say it, don’t say anything, I know that I did something really stupid. I replied ” haven’t said anything yet and stop putting words in my mouth. He kept on taunting me, so I obliged with a resounding DUH!

After Rod gained his composure, he came inside. I found the Hydrogen Peroxide and washed down the wound, and put together a very large ice pack for his leg. Rod then spent the rest of the evening moaning and groaning quietly…he knew there was NO sympathy in this house for his run away ego.

Two days later we are back to normal…no, new normal. I think that Rod is better for this experience. I think his ego is back in check and I hope that he knows that he does not have anything to prove to me right or wrong…just that He loves me without question.


Monday Music

It is 4:57 AM and I have been sitting here since 4:30 trying to motivate myself to go walk. I just am not feeling it this morning (and haven’t for a couple of weeks). I know I need to go walk, but it is just so boring. Let me know your motivational secrets for exercising.

Hot FussAll These Things I’ve Done/The Killers/Hot Fuss. I first heard this song on PBS. It was used with the opening montage of the documentary of Carrier. I really like the sound of it. It isn’t quite the same as it was on the show, or there was another song that was actually used as the theme, with the lyrics haze grey and underway. The producers used a wide variety of music on the show.

Best ofFree Ride/Edgar Winter/The Best of Edgar Winter. Edgar Winter is one of the great rockers who seems to really use all of music. Not just three chords, a pumping bass and thrashing drums but there seems to be a real musical thought behind the songs, a lot of his songs can traverse quite a gamut within each song. This and Frankenstein are two of my favorites by him.

Super Hits Of The '70s:  Have a Nice Day, Vol. 16I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)/The New Seekers/Have a Nice Day, Vol. 16. This is probably the sappiest song on my ipod. It is probably one of the few songs that has started life as an advertising jingle and gone on to become a chart hit, #1 in the United Kingdom and #7 in the US. It has been recorded over 75 times since then, Coca Cola turned the royalties over to Unicef.

Red Hot + CountryFolsom Prison Blues/Brooks & Dunn with Johnny Cash/Red Hot + Country. Johnny Cash and Brooks and Dunn collaborated on this song to benefit AIDS charities. Johnny pretty much does a voice over part way through the song but it is a great song, not as moving as when Johnny does it himself. Brooks and Dunn’s voices are just to smooth to really convey the angst present in these lyrics.

Reba DuetsEveryday People/Reba McEntire & Carole King/Reba Duets. Reba McEntire is one of my favorite country singer and I have a crush on her. That said this is really the only song I like on the album. I like it as much for the lyrics as for the sound, it takes about how it is really ordinary people are the ones coming together to change the world. This song in tandem with The Power of One by Bombshel are great songs to remind us of the difference we can make in this world.

How one thing leads to another

David went out and bought a phone for his room last week.  We started having problems with the internet last week.  David hooked up the phone.  Because we didn’t have a filter on the phone the DSL didn’t know what to do, so it just decided to stop working.  That is where I have been all week.  Also I stayed up late to watch a program on PBS called Carrier.  It was interesting to see the current state of the Navy.

Monday Music

Stayed up late last night and watched a show on PBS that is on all week long. It is called Carrier and is about the people on board the USS Nimitz. This is a documentary but very well done. I added some music to the ipod this weekend so let’s see what comes up.

Danke Schoen: Red RosesDaddy Don’t You Walk So Fast/Wayne Newton/Have A Nice Day, Vol 16. I remember this song from growing up, it was one of the albums that my parents had. The affecting story of a man leaving his family only to have his little girl follow him, yelling Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast and deciding to try and make the marriage work. Newton anymore is best known for Twist and Shout from Ferris Bueller, or being Mr. Facelifted Las Vegas.

Rock of Ages: The Definitive CollectionPour Some Sugar Me/Def Leppard/Rock of Ages. Def Leppard is one of those quintessinal 80’s band, big hair, ripped jeans, and lots of power chords. What this song means I have no idea but it has a great guitar and the pounding drums make it a great song. Def Leppards’ drummer losing an arm in a car wreck and continuing to play well, is also of a great story that increases the awesomeness.

Ready Willing and AbleBad Dog, No Biscuit/Daron Norwood/Ready, Willing and Able. One of my favorite TV shows is NCIS. The episode two weeks was about a Marine K9 and this song was featured along with a lot of dog jokes. This song had a really striking riff and a great hook in the words Bad Dog, No Biscuit.  A great story of a man who gets in trouble with his girlfriend and ends up spending the night in his truck.  It combines all the classic elements of a country song.   I looked up two songs from that episode and liked them both. I will be looking for more music from Daron Norwood.

Stevie Wonder - Greatest Hits Vol. 2Uptight,Everything’s Alright/Stevie Wonder/Greatest Hits. I love Stevie’s voice and lots of his early Motown songs are catchy. They have the Hitstown, USA groove on. The sound provided by the backup musicians at Motown is such that you would know that this is a Motown production just from the sound of it. It is a sound you can hear behind many of the early Motown groups. I just said Motown way too many times in that paragraph.

Nothing But The BestNew York, New York/Frank Sinatra/The Best of Frank Sinatra. This song has been covered so many times that it is ridiculous, but to me this is the definitive version, even better than the version from the movie. I rediscovered The Chairman of the Board when I was getting back into Jazz after reading On The Shoulders of Giants.